Oil Equip is a marketplace to consign and source; oil and gas processing equipment, drilling materials, heavy equipment and anything else  related to the oil and gas industry.

Our team consists of individuals with decades of experience from different aspects and disciplines from within the industry; having these assets means we can provide expert trustworthy advice to both buyer and seller. Our years of experience in the industry also means we have a network of contacts in clean-up and recovery, production, exploration and site optimization.

When you need to monetize assets quickly, with the best possible return, or optimize a production facility for the lowest cost; Oilequip has the best network of industry proffesionals, best marketing strategy, most experience and most knowledge to bear.

How Oil Equip Works

What separates Oil Equip from the rest, is that we do not “broker” a transaction by playing the buyer and seller off of each other.We go onsite and do first-hand evaluations of all the equipment at no cost to the seller. We do market research and price comparisons of similar equipment to determine a fair market price for any asset being sold. We then propose a selling price and come to agreement with the seller, that will include a standard commision.

Once we are engaged by a client we take the time to properly photograph, inventory and document each piece of equipment. In this way, we insure we have all the information at our fingertips to answer any questions from potential buyers.  We leverage our network of contacts, in conjunction with print and digital advertising to gather as many offers as possible.

We see the transaction through to the end; we have a network of trusted engineering and fabrication firms that can modify equipment to buyers’ specifications. We can arrange buyer financing, facilitate cross border sales and escrow. We can even arrange disassembly, packaging, pick-up and delivery.

An end to end service to make the buying experience go as quickly and smoothly as possible for all parties involved.

Marketing Strategy

Oil Equip avoids middle men and mark-ups that will drive the purchase price up, and the asset recovery realization down. We bring the buyer and seller together.

We use traditional print media, Internet advertising and our network of  industry contacts at some of the largest oil and gas companies in North America to ensure the seller gets the best possible price, while ensuring the buyer gets not only a fair price, but a great experience.

Mission Goal

Oil Equip’s goal is to offer a service that is above the rest by providing the buyer and seller service, expertise and fair market value.

Contact Us

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